Lean Workshop

In a 2-day workshop, the participants learn how a functionally organized company is transformed into a lean company with flow - pull - takt structures; or rather, the participants will simulate a company that they themselves (under the guidance of the Zorro coaches) will optimize by orders of magnitude (20, 30 or 50%; not only 3,4 or 5 %). Success is measured and tracked using key figures.
On the second day, the focus will lie on your own processes, from the receipt of goods to shipping. In small groups, the new lean-experts work out a material and information flow diagram and point out the corresponding waste in your own company.
Perhaps (and this is the rule) one or another more specific improvements will be shown and the newly motivated participants would like to  will be able to implement it immediately.
The learning experience is complemented and rounded off by theoretical inputs and appropriate reflection sessions.

We work with all functions and employees (production, quality, logistics, maintenance, administration, controlling, human resource, management and workers council).

No PowerPoint, we work directy at the Shopfloor, in the plant, within the processes

-> improvements from the beginning to become LEAN!